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AP Biology Syllabus

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Mrs. K. King

Email: kbking@lenoircityschools.net

Office Hours (Planning):  Room 120

Help Hours: 7:30 AM -8:00 AM  M-F

Summary:  Advanced Placement Biology is designed to be equivalent to a two semester college introductory biology course. The class is conducted at the college level and students are expected to work accordingly. AP Biology differs significantly from a traditional  high school biology course due to text content, depth of material covered, lab work, and time and effort required to achieve mastery in subject area. This course is designed to be taken by students after successful completion of high school biology (or biology honors) and high school chemistry (or chemistry honors).


Labs: Lab link   You will be required to purchase the A.P. Biology Laboratory Manual and to complete the twelve (12) labs set forth by The College Board Advanced Placement Program.  Due to the large amount of time required for laboratory set-up, it is essential that you are always present on lab days. Please be prepared to stay after school occasionally to finish long labs. You will be given advance notice for those days.

Study Guide: AP Biology Review Manual(Amazon)

The A.P. Examination: Exam Information   

Course Policies:

Major Themes: AP Biology Overview     Curriculum Framework



AP Biology Student Resources

CollegeBoard.com  for Parents


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