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Advancement Via Individual Determination

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Eau Gallie High School is now an AVID Demonstration School


AVID Strategies


  • Class and Textbook notes

  • Responsive Writing

  • Learning Logs and Journals

  • The Writing Process:

    • Pre-write

    • Draft

    • Revision

    • Edit

    • Final Draft

  • Skilled Questioning

  • Socratic Seminars

  • Quickwrite/Discussion

  • Critical Thinking Activities

  • Writing Questions (Tutorials)

  • Open-Mindedness Activities



  • Group Projects

  • Study Groups

  • Jigsaw Activities

  • Response/Edit/Revision Groups

  • Collaborative Activities


  • SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review)

  • KWL (What I know, what I want to learn, What I learned )

  • Reciprocal Teaching

  • "Think-Alouds"


New Acronym is WICOR, O is for Organization


Bloom's vs. Costa's

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Common Description

Costa’s Levels of Intellectual Functioning


define, label, repeat, record, list, recall, memorize, relate, name


restate, discuss, describe, recognize, explain, express, identify, locate, report, review

Gathering Information


tell, recall, define, observe, identify, describe, recognize, demonstrate,  connect, count, list, match, label, name, select, discuss



demonstrate, dramatize, practice, operate, imply, schedule, apply, illustrate, translate, interpret


debate, diagram, distinguish, compare, question, inventory, differentiate, criticize, solve, experiment

Thinking about the  Information


sort, infer, analyze,  sequence, organize, distinguish, solve, explain, compare, contrast, group, classify, construct, relate, determine, differentiate, deduce, isolate,  specify, characterize, make analogies, reason


compose, design, propose, arrange, formulate, organize, assemble, prepare, construct


judge, rate, predict, assess, choose, evaluate, estimate, select, value, measure

Applying the Information to New Situations and Making Judgments


conclude, criticize, reconstruct, reorganize, justify, judge, evaluate, imagine, predict, speculate, forecast, estimate, create, modify, generalize, theorize, make a model, extrapolate, apply a principal, interpret, hypothesize, if/then


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Costa's Levels of Questions are used in AVID strategies to promote rigor



Interactive Notebooks

Research shows interactive notebooks increase test scores and improve learning among elementary and secondary students.

Blank Cornell Notepapers 
Cornell Notes Template (Word)
Standard (Word)
Left Blank/Right Graph (Word) 
Left Lined/Right Blank (Word)
Left Lined/Right Graph (Word)


 Author: http://nbechsavid.weebly.com/cornell-notes.html

Other Notebook Resources

AVID Tools Interactive Notebook
Cornell Notes Notebook Model

Graphic Organizers

Reading College Texts
Graphic Organizers for Education Science  Notebooks


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Last modified: December 05, 2013