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Biology Labs

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Lab Report Template: pdf  word

Resource: LabWrite

Online Stopwatch


LabBench: Campbell & Reese

Virtual Lab Bench  

(no password necessary)

Glenco Virtual Labs

McGraw Hill Virtual Labs


Virtual Labs  

Blood Pressure Meiosis
Blood Smear (Pathology) Mitosis
Biological Classification Properties of Biomolecules
Building Biomolecules Photosynthesis
Calorimetry Plant Structure and Growth
Cell Cycle and Cancer Respiration
Cell Reproduction Sex-Linked Traits
Cell Structure and Function Biology Labs
Cheek Cells  
Enzyme Controlled Reactions Genetics Labs


Virtual Dissection Labs

Crayfish Virtual Lab Sheep Heart Dissection
Cow Eye Dissection Mealworm Behavior Lab
Dog Fish (shark) Dissection Mollusk Dissection
Earthworm Rat Dissection
Eye Dissection (human) Star Fish Dissection
Frog Dissection and II Squid Dissection


Mobile APPS

FLVS on iTunes Virtual Frog


Study Aids



Inquiry Labs in Biology

Photos are of Mrs. King's amazing students in action


Pond Water Lab 

Micro Lab  Microscope

Pond Water Lab   Micro Lab

Pond Water  Microscope lab

photos taken by Mrs. King by placing a digital camera on the eye piece of the microscope  


Microscopy - Plan Diagrams

plan diagram  plan diagram


Onion Plasmolysis

 micro plasmolysis - onion

 plasmolysis plasmolysis


Onion Root Tip Mitosis

onion  Stained onion root tip slide

mitosis inquiry  mitosis inquiry 2


pH Lab

pH Lab pH lab w/ red cabbage indicator

pH Lab pH lab students


Organic Lab

Testing for organic compounds in foods

OrganicLab2010  organic lab student station


  organic lab station Organic Lab 2010



Reducing & Non-Reducing Sugars

Titration  Reducing Sugars


Potato Disks

Serial dilutions & graphing

cells cells


Carbohydrates Metabolized by Yeast

yeast yeast







Concentration gradients

diffusion lab - dialysis tubing  diffusion lab 2

diffusion lab 3 

surface area and mass surface area and mass



Fruit Fly

Drosophila melanogaster



Seeds and Plant Growth

Lima Beans 

Lima Beans 5 days old  Lima Bean  Lima Bean 2


Bottle Biology

Comparing independent and dependent variables

TerrAqua Lab 




Plant Pigment

coming soon


Beet Tip

beet beet 



transpiration lab   plant lab





Heart Rate




Sea star, cow heart, cow eye, frog 

Sea Star  heart

.frog  cow eye



YouTube-  Year in Review: AICE BiologyPreAICE/Biology Honors


  Last modified: September 29, 2015

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