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CP Biology Syllabus

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Lenoir City High School

2014 - 2015

Biology Course Description

Mrs. K. King

Email: Mrs. King

Office Hours (Planning): TBA    Room 120 

Tutoring/Help Hours:  3:30 - 4:00 Wednesday; *Alternative times available with prior arrangement



The purpose of this course is to provide exploratory experiences, laboratory and real-life applications in the biological sciences. 

The content includes the nature of science (matter, energy, and chemical processes of life), cells (biology, reproduction, and communication), genetics (principles, molecular basis, diversity, and biotechnologies), levels of organization (classification, and taxonomy), structure, function, and reproduction of plants, animals, and microorganisms, behavior of organisms, (interdependence of organisms, humans, and the environment), biological selection, adaptations, and changes through time, and also agricultural, food, and medical technologies and careers in biological fields.

Laboratory investigations are an integral part of this course and include the use of scientific research, measurement, laboratory technologies, and safety procedures.


Text: Glencoe Science Biology, TN ed.


Labs:  Due to the large amount of time required for set-up, it is essential that you are always present on lab days.  It is crucial that students follow lab procedures and safety guidelines at all times.  Horseplay by students is never permitted and will be dealt with expeditiously. Lab reports and reflections are a requirement of this class.  Everyone is expected to keep good personal records of findings in the lab and relay that information in a lab report or reflection/write up in their Interactive Notebook (INB). 

Testing: link Tests are given as an assessment of student knowledge in Biology.  The format of tests usually consist of 25-35 multiple choice questions and occasionally a short response question to determine depth of knowledge.  Quizzes are given  randomly to assess science comprehension.  The majority of tests and quizzes are taken in class, although there will be opportunities to take online versions.  Exams are comprehensive and given at the end of first and second semester (normally 100 multiple choice questions).

Course Policies:  


Late work will be given no more than 1/2 credit  (See newsletter for details)


If you are absent the day of a test, your make-up test will be given the day of your return.  Be prepared.


It is the  responsibility of each student to acquire, complete and return any missed assignments due to absences.


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Last modified: July 29, 2014