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Herp Events & Suppliers

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Florida International Reptile Expo (F.I.R.E.)

Orlando Centroplex Expo Center

2003 FIRE Reptile Show:  Orlando, FL

FIRE Expo Orlando, FL

Mrs. King buying snakes

Mrs. King buying snakes for phenotype research

The Experts

Corn Snake Manual by Bill Love & Kathy Love  (photo used with permission by Kathy Love 2003)

Corn Snake Manual

Kathy Love, Orlando Expo 2003

Bill and Kathy Love are two well known corn snake breeders.  This husband and wife team have combined their expertise and authored the "Corn Snake Manual" which covers husbandry, breeding, medicine, and morphs. Bill Love photographs many reptiles and has included his work in their manual.


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Cages & Lighting

Cages by Design

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Cricket Suppliers

Acheta domestica

Crickets Direct


Cricket Ranch

Insect Food

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 Bearded Dragon Gecko



Corn Snake Genetics Lab  

Corn Snake Genetics Article by Kristin King Published in NSTA's journal, The Science Teacher, January 2004

Hypomelanistic & Type A Anerythristic (Ghost) Albino Amelanistic het. for snow Amelanistic & Anerythristic (Albino Greenish Snow Corn) Baby Corn Snakes


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