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Research shows Interactive Notebooks (INB) increase test scores and improve learning among elementary and secondary students.  Interactive Notebooks are graded at the end of each unit and collected at the end of the semester as a portfolio requirement.  It is important to keep your INB up to date, neat and complete.  The INB is a useful tool to study for the chapter tests, semester exams and the End of Course (EOC) exam for Biology.

Glenco Biology Correlations

Please use 8.5 x 11 inch (or larger) notebooks for your INB, as standard 8 x 10 spirals are too small and require too much folding and cutting. 


Table of Contents

CP Biology  & Biology I   3210
Unit 1 - Introduction to Biology Methodology & Literacy in Science    
Unit 2 - Cells  - DE Cells
Unit 3 -The Flow of Matter and Energy  - DE FM&E
Unit 4 - Heredity  - DE Heredity
Unit 5 - Interdependence - DE Inter.
Unit 6- Biodiversity & Change DE Bio. & Change
Inserts: Notebook Scoring Rubric
Unit Reflection, Reflection scoring rubric
Data Journal - grade reflection
Final Portfolio Reflection
Biology  Course Description , Course Outline
Physical Science Course Level Expectations    SCI 3202


Folding instructions


Blank Cornell Notepapers 

Cornell Notes Template (Word) (PDF)

Left Blank/Right Graph (Word) 
Left Lined/Right Blank (Word)
Left Lined/Right Graph (Word)


 Author: http://nbechsavid.weebly.com/cornell-notes.html

Reading College Level Texts using Cornell Note Methods


INB Examples

Assignments completed by my students

As I grade assignments I occasionally take photos of the exemplar students work.

INB Microscopes


INB w/ foldable  INB Graphing

Scientist's Notebook Model - great example of applying the scientific method



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