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When students leave my class, I want them to have a love of learning and a sound grasp of science that stays with them throughout life. I truly believe the key to achieving this love of learning is brought about through active participation in class and in the field.

As students are enticed by the secrets of the biological world, they realize what is important to them as individuals.  When they gather their first water sample and see it under the microscope they'll notice a world of living organisms that's smaller than their eyes can see.  When they view the solar system through a telescope they'll see images that are larger than life. They'll get to see parts of the world and universe that they never knew existed, igniting an overwhelming personal interest.  Just as an artist paints his/her innermost self on the canvas, my students will see how nature has expressed itself through the world of science.  By capturing their interest first, I hope to initiate a lifetime love of learning.
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Learning will be more interesting for  all students by taking advantage of the latest in technology and integrating it into science lessons.  Taking trips to the planetarium, Kennedy Space Centerthe zoo, bird sanctuaries , or recycling centers will also help students build their knowledge of the important issues of our time. They will learn that every creature and plant is important in the cycle of life. By understanding the balance of life and the world around us, students will realize all things work together.

Science is a part of life that should capture the student's imagination and encourage their love of learning.  By creating this desire to know more, students become wonderfully curious about their  surroundings and see our world and massive universe in a new light.  I  challenge young minds to explore our world by getting involved in nature and passionate about life.  My aspiration as a teacher is to impact my student's lives through science, to take them beyond the classroom and instill in them a sound grasp of science that stays in their minds forever.

Mrs. King
Science Education & Research
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Mendelism Through Corn Snake Genetics

by Kristin King

Student with Anery

Article published in National Science Teacher's Association (NSTA) Journal,

"The Science Teacher"  January 2004  

Click here for pdf article

Pdf link posted with permission from Jennifer Henderson,

Managing Editor of "The Science Teacher", 1840 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22201-3000

and Liz Delaney, Internet Editor,  NSTA Publications