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Writing Reports in Science

  INB Online Testing Student Page Writing Req.

Educate for

Practicing Science Literacy

bulletScience Journals
bulletWrite summary of current event from science journal using PSL sheet   pdf  / word
bulletIf you are writing a summary based on an online article you chose yourself, please print out article and staple to PSL sheet.


Citing in APA

    Papers should include four major sections: the Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and ReferencesClass Requirements

bulletDiana Hacker's APA Formatting in 5.0 : Research and Documentation
bulletAPA format #2 (good one to print and keep in notebook/ binder)
bullet Citation Machine  quickly generates APA  citations     *excellent way to format your reference page properly
bullet Sample APA Paper ; APA Style Guide (6.0)
bullet Owl APA Formatting and Style Guide
bulletAPA Software


Lab Report Template pdf / Word doc

bulletLab reports must document which science benchmarks are covered.
bulletScientific Method
bulletScience Action Words