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AP Biology Lab Photo Gallery

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Lab 1: Osmosis


Lab 2: Enzyme Catalysis



Lab 3:Mitosis & Meiosis



Lab 4 Photosynthesis


Lab 5 Cell Respiration



Lab 6: Molecular Biology



Lab 7: Fly Lab



Lab 8 Population Genetics


Lab 9 Transpiration



Lab 10 Circulatory Physiology



Lab 11 Animal Behavior



Lab 12 Dissolved Oxygen


Cat Dissection

Day 2 Day 2 Internal Organ Investigation

Cat Intestines Dom with skeletal remains


AP Bio Celebration

A few hours after the AP Biology National Exam... May 9, 2005

2 Students ( Kat and Candy) got away before the above photo was taken


Cake Lovingly made by Mrs. King

Cutting the Cake...

Mrs. King made the cake for the celebration

After the major brain melt we had to celebrate the success of a year of hard work!

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