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Feedback is a way in which I can address areas of concern. 

Your comments will be reviewed by me and used to improve the functionality of this educational website.


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Comments from visitors:


My wife Beth and I spent most of this morning on your web site.  It is outstanding.  The material offered is very interesting and the presentation really engages the visitor. We were certainly engaged.
I especially enjoyed the BIO Newsletter and the parent survey, which I started to complete and decided it should really be completed by parents of students attending Eau Gallie High School.
Beth was really into the Bearded Dragon Research and the Corn Snake Research.  Beth, being a retired Art Teacher, also enjoyed the color wheel within your Solar System page.
Kristin, the web site is very well done.  Knowing something about web sites, I also understand and appreciate the amount of time and effort that you have invested in this great teaching and learning tool.
Beth and I thank you for the wonderful experience of visiting your web site.
Have a great week.
Dr. Doherty  
University of Central Florida

Last modified: January 06, 2013