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Corn Snake Genetics Lab

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Pantherophis guttatus



Students at lab Students at lab

Mendelism Through Corn Snake Genetics

by Kristin King

Article published in National Science Teacher's Association (NSTA) Journal,

"The Science Teacher"  January 2004  



Lab protocol/kit available below


 Anerytheristic hatchling Student with Anery Creamsickle and Motley

This lab activity was a huge hit with my students. 

Our future herpetologists!

 Amel & Snow Anerythristic




Fact Sheet

Corn Snake Care

How Snakes Work

Corn Snake Genetics


Corn Snake Phenotypes

Photo Gallery


Reptile Genetics


Now Available

Corn Snake Genetics Lab Activity

Addresses National Science Standards

Standard K-12: Unifying Concepts and Processes

Systems, order, and organization

Evidence, models, and explanation

Change, constancy, and measurement

Evidence, models, and explanation

Form and function

Standard A: Science as Inquiry

Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry

Understandings about scientific inquiry

Standard C: Life Science

The cell

Molecular basis of heredity

Biological evolution

Standard F:

Science in Personal & Social

Perspectives Population growth

Behavior of Organisms


Print Version & Digital Download


Kit Includes

Ready to use printed materials


Digital download (Google Drive file share)


Instructional PowerPoint (use as pre-lab)

bullet Teacher Lecture Notes

Lab Protocol: Student and Teacher Versions


Corn Snake Photo ID Cards (*printed on card stock)


Dihybrid Cross Cards


Corn Snake Genetics Article


Interesting & Educational Facts


Letter from The Author



*Does not include lamination

 Digital download only to make additional copies for your classroom (educational use only)




Contact: Mrs. King  for more information

All proceeds go toward further research and student lab activities

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Feedback from Teachers & Faculty

I receive many emails about the corn snake genetics lab.  I will begin to list some of them here.  Thank you for your encouragement!


Date: 30 Apr 2005

Time: 06:22:10


Mrs. King

I have read your article in the science teacher when you first published it and have done the corn snake genetics activity with my biology classes. It was a wonderful activity and both the students and I enjoyed it. It also led me to extend my own reptile collection to include 3 corn snakes. This spring my students got to observe two of the snakes' mating rituals and last week watched as the female laid 15 eggs (she did that during class and my students got to watch the whole thing). We have put the eggs in the incubator and hope for a good hatching rate. I want to thank you for getting us inspired for this whole activity, which has taken on a life of its own. Also, if you have any tips on incubation and hatching, we are definitely on a learning curve here.

Thanks again, Christine Roland

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Sunday, September 04, 2005 5:37 AM

Subject: Re: Corn Snake Genetics Lab


Ms. King,

Congratulations ... excellent news!!! I have used the article that you published in The Science Teacher 2-3 times now in my science methods class as an example of the material that science teachers can access in terms of professional development ideas ... *very* well received.

Do let me know how you are doing, and do keep in touch.


Dr. Aldrin E. Sweeney

Associate Professor, Science Education

Undergraduate/Graduate Program Coordinator & Program Advisor

Department of Teaching & Learning Principles

College of Education (123 L)

University of Central Florida

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