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Contact Mrs. King: KBKing@lenoircityschools.net

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Safety Goggles
Students have the opportunity to purchase a pair of safety goggles for $6.  These goggles will be used in biology class as well as in their other science  classes.  The purchased goggles will be the property of the student and will be taken home at the end of the semester.

Important Documents

Welcome Back to Science

New Student Packet Misc. Documents
Newsletter About Mrs. King
Science Supply List Biology Course Description, Course Outline
*Science Safety Agreement Biology End of Course
Safety Rules APA Format
Course Policies & Objectives   
* Starred items must be signed by student and parent/guardian.
Signed Safety Agreement must be returned to Mrs. King before first scheduled lab activity.
2015-2016 Proposed Schedule

Mrs. King's Science Class - Room 120

Semester 1
Block Class Time (Block)
1st  CP Biology 8:15-9:28
2nd  CP Biology  
  1st Lunch  
3rd Biology II H.  
4th  Planning  
5th Biology I - A  

Block Class Time (Block)


CP Biology  


CP Biology  


1st  Lunch  


AP Biology  




Biology I - B  

 Grading Scale & GPA
A (93-100) 4 points
B (85- 92) 3 points
C (75- 84) 2 points
D (70- 74) 1 point
F (Below 70)
0 points

Please encourage your child to check mrskingsbioweb.com regularly for daily assignments,
to READ their textbooks and study their notes frequently.
Thank you for your help and support!

By working together every student succeeds!

Science Help/ Study Hall

and make up day for missed quizzes, tests or labs

Mrs. King's Classroom 

Afternoons: Wednesday  3:30 PM- 4:15 PM

Students must let me know in advance if they plan to attend

*Alternative times available with prior arrangement


 Biology 1 End-of-Course (EOC) Assessment

The Tennessee Department of Education is transitioning to EOC assessments for certain high school courses. In Spring 2013, students throughout the state will participate in the Biology 1 EOC Assessment. The Biology 1 EOC Assessment will measure student achievement as outlined in the Biology 1 course description.

End of Course Item Samplers and Practice Tests


Science & College Info



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Last modified: September 02, 2015