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Biology Glossary

Question of the Day

CP Biology

 AP Biology/Honors Bio II

bullet Syllabus
bullet Syllabus
bullet Daily Assignments
bullet Daily Assignments
bullet Class Notes
bullet Class Notes
bullet Labs & Photos
bullet Online Testing
bullet Online Testing
bullet Textbook
bullet Textbook
bullet Writing requirements
bullet Writing requirements


Biology I


Biology II (2nd Semester)

bullet Syllabus
bullet Syllabus
bullet Daily Assignments
bulletDaily Assignments
bullet Class Notes
bulletClass Notes
bullet Labs & Photos
bullet Online Testing
bulletOnline Testing
bullet Textbook
bullet Writing requirements
bulletWriting requirements


Please donít wait until you are failing before you ask for help. By then, the subject matter may be too overwhelming to comprehend.

 Study Hall

Makeup Work & Missed Labs


3:30 PM to 4:00 PM

*Alternative times available with prior arrangement




Important Documents
New Student Packet
Newsletter Lab Report Template
Course Policies & Objectives  Supply List
Science Safety Guidelines *Student Information and Safety Agreement
 Permission Slip  

* Student Information Sheet and Safety Agreement must be signed by parent and student and returned to Mrs. King


Free Online Books: Novels; Wellcome Trust Science Magazine

2017-2018 Schedule

Mrs. King's Science Class - Room 120

Block Class Time (Block)
1st  CP Biology  
2nd   Planning  
  1st Lunch  
3rd AP Bio/H. Bio II  
4th  Intervention  
5th CP Biology  


Grading Scale & GPA
A (93-100) 4 points
B (85- 92) 3 points
C (75- 84) 2 points
D (70- 74) 1 point
F (Below 70)
0 points


Science Resource Pages


Advanced Placement Biology/ Labs Integrated Science
Biology Limnology
Botany Math in Science
Chemistry / Organic Chemistry Physical Science (Physics)
Earth/Space Science Journals
Ecology / Biomes Science Research
Genetics Team Building
Herpetology Weather
Human Anatomy & Physiology Extra Credit Opportunities


Other Resources

AICE & Pre-AICE Biology Recommended Reading List
Careers in Science Online Learning
Cornell Notes Wellcome Trust Science Magazine
Educational Games Writing Science Reports


Motivation & Team Work




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